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Wilbur’s Worlds is a place that welcomes everyone to be part of our Family….that we affectionately call our Tribe. Wilbur’s Worlds include more than just books.


They are places where young and not so young are silly, sometimes weird, but always accepted. They are worlds in which you belong and are loved…no matter what! 


We are all different which makes us amazing.

We are so tickled that you are now part of our Tribe and we can’t wait to share our wonderful Worlds with you.

Will you share your story with us?

Hugs and Bubble Wishes;



They say about our children's books...


Amy Betz, Editor

Paula Murphy's heartwarming tale about a girl and a sea creature has been gorgeously illustrated by Stella Maris. The connection between the book's characters is palpable, and their story will lift the spirits of anyone who's ever felt like they didn't fit in. One by one, they meet other animals who are a little bit different, and by the end, there's a crowd of friends all there to support one another. Beautifully done!


Silvia Pasqualetto, Teacher
Elementary school S.Pio X - Robegano (Ve)

The meaning of family, a place where you are special and unique and therefore loved, where what you believe to be a defect for others is a wonderful gift, where it is seen with the eyes of the heart. And .... that family is where the heart is good and wants to go back. Thank you very much for this book, I will use it during the English hours in my class (second primary) next year: words and images will be precious for us and everyone will entrust their own bubble to their classmates to get to know us and discover us even more.


Rosella Pagnini, Illustrator

I read Wilbur's wish and I think it is delicious, a very sweet look at diversity, diversity that makes us unique, and enriches us, not only ours but above all the “diversity” of others.  Now I have a wish too, which is to get a Wilbur bubble of my own.  The illustrations are beautiful, they relax me, they take me to a delicate and sweet world. 

Wilbur and Jamie

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