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Spot it game


Click on the download icon to save your new deck of cards.

This was easy eh?


Beware, the images in the file are VERY big. Wilbur suggests printing them at 50 or 60% of the original size.

Always do a print test!

To make the cards more durable you can glue them to a cardboard or -even better- laminate them.

Learn the rules

Give each player a card, but keep it face down! Put all the other cards in a pile face up in the middle. At the count of 3, all must turn their card and start searching which one of the pictures on it is also on the card in the middle. There is always only one symbol in common! The first to spot it, wins the card at the top of the pile and adds it to his/her own pile.

The game ends when there are no more cards in the middle and the player with more cards is the winner!

Know your names!

To play with Wilbur's friends, you need to know their names! Do you remember  what the elephant seal's name is? And what about the sea dragon?

Meet them all on the Tribe page and read some fun facts about them.

Play with friends

Now it's time to gather your friends and start having fun! Who will be the quickest?

Send us a picture

If you print your deck, send Wilbur a picture at


He's always happy to meet all his new friends all over the world!

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