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Name: Eliza
Job title: Uppermost Snuggle-Bug-Hugger
Identification: Elephant Seal


Where do you live:

At the beach by BeBe but sometimes I do hitch a ride with Clara up to Massachusetts. Do you know how hard it is to spell Massachusetts without SpellCheck?!


What do you do at Wilbur's Worlds:

I roll around the office giving random hugs.


What makes you different:

Isn’t that obvious? I am supposed to be humongous yet I’m tiny and I have a 15 foot trunk. Some think I need rhinoplasty.


What makes you amazing:

I can give the best hugs and snuggles to everyone that needs one and I blow water the longest distance of any sea creature.


How old are you:

Just turned 4


Favourite word and colour:

Well, if I don’t want to be different from the others, I'd say Stella’s pink hair, but I hope she tries adding those orange polka dots to her hair.  Maybe she could put orange stickers in her hair!

Favorite word: Scrumpdillyicious.

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