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Name: Hazel
Job title: Chief Bottle Opener and Flame Thrower
Identification: a Fantabulous Sea Dragon


Where do you live:

Same as most of the Tribe. When I travel, Wilbur blows a bubble around me and he takes me and Eliza to Massachusetts. I have to be careful when I say the “M” word because it’s too close to being a sneezer-wheezer and thence would be in deep trouble.


What do you do at Wilbur's Worlds:

I open bottles with my swirly-slide snout and roast marshmallows by sneezing fire. I also dig holes for BeBe to plant her flowers. She pays me in Marshmallows. Why don’t you ask us what our favorite food is?


What makes you different:

All other Sea Dragon’s have straight snouts. Mine is all curled up like a cork screw and I can blow fire like a dragon!


What makes you amazing:

Who else can roast marshmallows with a sneeze?


How old are you:

I’m only two, but I will be three in 9 months, 25 days, and 3.28 hours.


Favourite word and colour:

The colors of a rainbow.

Cattywampus, but I have no idea what it means. It’s fun to say.

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