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Name: Miles (aka Silly Goose on stage)
Job title: Leading Happiness Hero
Identification: Blob Fish


Where do you live:

At BeBe’s beach with the rest of the family but sometimes my agent books my act in Charleston, South Carolina.


What do you do at Wilbur's Worlds:

I’m a stand-up comedian. I have shows every day. I’m always sold-out, so purchase your tickets in advance!


What makes you different:

Well it should be apparent to you, silly goose. All Blob Fish have frowns but I only smile!


What makes you amazing:

That’s easy peasy. I can make everyone smile the minute they see me.  I am a walking “sadness eraser". Pretty amazing magical powers eh?


How old are you:

I estimate about 4.65 years old but I do not have rings around me to know exactly like a tree.


Favourite word and colour:

No. Favorite color: Recycling/Garbage Truck Green

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