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Name: Paula (also known as BeBe)
Job title: Wizard of Light Bulb Moments
Identification: Human with a lot of silliness sprinkled on top


Where do you live:

Wherever my imagination takes me, but ok….North Carolina. I’d like to spend more time in France….love those bubbles.


What do you do at Wilbur's Worlds:

Pester Stella a lot and say “Hey I’ve gotta idea!”. Everybody runs and hides.


What makes you different:

How much time do you have? I just love being Weird.


What makes you amazing:

I can cite all of the 50 States in Alphabetical order in under 30 seconds.


How old are you:

Never ask a woman over the age of 30 that question!


Favourite word and colour:

Unexpectations (yeah I know it’s not a word in the dictionary). Blue, no question. Sometimes Gold though. Purple has potential.

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