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Name: Wilbur
Job title: Supreme Storyteller
Identification: Origins unknown. Probably a Sea Creature


Where do you live:

At the ocean and in the dreams of children.


What do you do at Wilbur's Worlds:

Hide from Stella a lot because she always wants to color me with her crayons. I also like to imagine new worlds and tell my stories to whomever will listen.


What makes you different:

I have feathers for ears, blotchy skin, stubby arms and no tail.


What makes you amazing:

Seriously?….I can burb bubbles that have Wishes in them!


How old are you:

I was born about 2 years ago when BeBe was painting and I just sort of emerged on the canvas. Stella took that mess and made me adorable, thank goodness.


Favourite word and color:

Yippie Doodles (I realize that’s two words but you can’t have one without the other). The color of Wish Bubbles of course!

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