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Name: Graham (not Cracker)
Job title: Principal Listener
Identification: Dumbo Octopus (not like the elephant)


Where do you live:

Trick question? Where ever BeBe and Stella take me in their imaginations.


What do you do at Wilbur's Worlds:

I pass my time eavesdropping.


What makes you different:

My cosmic ears.


What makes you amazing:

I can hear noises from over bazillion miles away so you better watch what you say.


How old are you:

I’m too young to know but Wilbur told me you would be asking. I'm too young to drive and too old to crawl. Human years, about a year and a half.


Favourite word and colour:

Burnt Umber, the color of a Graham Cra…..

Favorite word: BeBe said my first word was “What?”. Maybe I didn’t hear very well then

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